I am a Reporter

My reportages delve into Social Justice, Human Rights, Migration, Climate Change, Gender, and LGBTIQ+ rights. I firmly believe that words and images play a pivotal role in conveying the essence of a story. Therefore, I personally curate both the textual and photographic storytelling.I seek out untold stories that lie beyond the conventional journalistic agenda. My mission is to bring to the "centre" those stories that society often relegate to the peripheries. Ryszard Kapuscinski's, during a journalistic lesson, said: "It is wrong to write about someone without having shared at least a little bit of their life." This principle has guided my professional journey from the beginning.Today, I dedicate time to field investigations, traversing roads, and immersing myself in the lives of those I interview, documenting their stories intimately. Concurrently, I pursue personal projects alongside assignments from newspapers or organizations.

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