I am a documentarist

As a documentarist, I struggle to create a realm of trustworthiness where sounds, voices, images, and individuals converge, guiding viewers through a journey of understanding enriched with nuances and emotions.I firmly believe in the power of storytelling as a means to translate complex information and academic research into actionable policy lessons and clear, emotion-based messages.My documentaries focus on individuals, their narratives, and their real-life experiences. Utilizing techniques such as biography and video-biography, I strive to authentically capture their worlds, fostering empathy and connection within the audience, leading to a profound cathartic experience.At the heart of my artistic vision lies the conviction that individuals are the essence of stories: they are not passive subjects but active protagonists with the power to narrate their own truths and stories.

Nerone - History of an Artist | documentary
The Power of Passport | documentary
Somos - people and caravans | The Series
Aguas de Oro | documentary
Passaggi | The Series
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