"Passaggi" is a 6-episodes web series that tells the story of foreign citizens residing in Piedmont actively engaged in the integration of the new generation of migrants.
The project aims to highlight the peer educational role undertaken by the protagonists in facilitating the transition of new migrants to the status of active citizens.
"Passaggi" provides a glimpse into the daily lives of foreigners in Italy, contributing a new dimension to the broader migration narrative. Migration is more than an uncertain journey; it's a path toward establishing newfound stability in life. The protagonists of "Passaggi" have discovered this stability in Italy, where they not only live and work but also extend a helping hand to those who follow in their footsteps.

"Passaggi" has received the patronage of UNHCR and has been financed by the Piedmont Region.

Written and directed: Simona Carnino
Videomaking: Carolina Lucchesini

Trailer of "Passaggi"

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