"The Power of Passport" is a documentary that highlights the impact of the inequalities  in human mobility.

The Story: Maria, Petrona, Isabel and Sabina with her husband live in the Mayan-Ixil region of western Guatemala, a
land torn by thirty-six-year-long-civil war and now depredated by big corporations.
Their dream is to find a decent job in the United States.
Forced to migrate on the routes managed by coyotes because they are too poor to obtain a regular visa according to the United
States requirements, the protagonists blend their voices to denounce
the violence suffered by smugglers, narcos and national police during their journey across Mexico.
A tale of Central American migration, woven in the aftermath of Dia de los muertos, which in a choral and
symbolic embrace finally welcomes the characters and tries to heal their wounds.

"The Power of Passport" has received the patronage of Amnesty International and has been financed by The European Union. 
The reportage on the caravans was honored with The Mimmo Candito Italian Journalistic Prize. The documentary was selected for the IOM Global Migration Film Festival and screened in over 50 countries. Additionally, it received recognition at The Welcome Refugee Film Festival in Berlin and was featured in the Lampedusa Film Festival.

Written and directed: Simona Carnino
Videomaking: Diego Díaz Morales
Soundtrack: Matteo Tambussi
Editing: Diego Díaz Morales, Simona Carnino
Sound Mix: Pasquale Lauro
Produced by: M.A.I.S. ong e Simona Carnino – Location manager: Heidy Rayba, Julio Serrano Echeverria

Trailer of the documentary The Power of Passport

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