"Aguas de Oro" spotlights water and land grabbing in the Northern Andean region of Peru and the farmers' fight against the mega gold mine project, Conga.

The Story: Máxima Acuña Chaupe has deep wrinkles, a petite stature, and unwavering determination. She resides at an elevation of 4200 meters in the Peruvian Andes. Her home is situated within the heart of Conga, the Yanacocha expansion project, Latin America's largest open-pit gold mine owned by the U.S. company Newmont.
Máxima has a dream : to continue her life amidst the Andean mountains.
However, Yanacocha harbors a conflicting dream:  to seize Maxima's land for its expansion.
The struggle of  Máxima transcends individual interests, encompassing the very survival of the Andean ecosystem.
Undeterred by the daily onslaught of physical and psychological violence, Máxima remains steadfast in her refusal to abandon her land. "Aguas de Oro" unfolds the gripping narrative where personal aspirations collide with corporate interests, and the fate of an entire ecosystem hangs in the balance.

"Aguas de Oro" has received the patronage of Amnesty International and has been financed by European Union.

Written and directed: Simona Carnino
Videmoamking: Luciano Gorriti Robles
Photo: Simona Carnino

Aguas de Oro

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