The documentary "Nerore. Storia di un artista" takes the audience on an intimate journey guided by Nerone's own voice. Recorded in 1989, this voice resurfaces in the present, over 30 years later, leading the audience through the artist's life and his creations both in Italy and abroad. The documentary serves as a retrospective, shedding light on a historical and artistic period that unfolded in Italy between the 1960s and 1990s.

"Nerone. Storia di un artista" has been financed by Italian Ministry of Culture.

Director: Simona Carnino
Cinematography: Diego Díaz Morales
Editing: Diego Díaz Morales, Simona Carnino
Concept: Stefania Dassi and Saar Ceccarelli
With the support of: Ministry of Culture - Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity
In collaboration with: Ministry of Culture - Regional Secretariat for Piedmont and the Nerone Giovanni Ceccarelli Archive

Trailer of "Nerone. Storia di un artista"

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